Lo que nos traerá el 2004....

The Top Ten 2004 Business/E-Commerce Trends (Encuesta por CEOnetworking)

Mitchel Levy, de CEOnetworking, ha resumido en dies tendencias clave más dos tendencias "bonus" las 225 predicciones recogidas de 80 expertos de la industria de las TIC:

Trend #1 - Virus'/Spam Get Worse, Not Better
Trend #2 - Continued Global Economic Dependency and a Backlash Against Offshore Outsourcing
Trend #3 - Internet Telephony Continues Disrupting the Existing Players
Trend #4 - For Survival, Companies Continue to Consolidate
Trend #5 - Wi-Fi Gets Bigger
Trend #6 - Business Continues to Evolve to the Next Level
Trend #7 - Some Positive IT, Economic and Stock Market Movement
Trend #8 - Security is Still the #1 IT Concern
Trend #9 - Social Networking Takes Off
Trend #10 - The Term "E-Commerce" Comes Back into Vogue

Bonus Trend #1 - Software Continues to Change Forever, Especially via the ASP Model
Bonus Trend #2 - Marketing Becomes Important Again

Sobre esta tendencia relativa al software online no encontramos citas como las que siguen:

"All enterprise software companies will have delivered a solution that hosts their software services on the Web that companies can pay for as they use. This software model has proven viable in several industries including travel, procurement, expense reporting, human resources, customer management, and more."
Peter Harrison, VP Consulting, GetThere, A Sabre Company

"Hosted services will grow as businesses look for ways to quickly obtain results with minimal up-front monetary and human resource investment."
Michael Maziarka, Director, CAP Ventures, Inc.

"Businesses discover app subscriptions and app rentals really are cost effective as delivery barriers drop. Many major ISVs will include bundle pricing, ISPs will drop prices on pipes to stay competitive, enterprise site licenses will be cheap compared to end user licensing, and new rich client streaming technologies will all but eliminate deployment and IT costs."
Greg Bolcer, CTO and Founder, Endeavors Technology, Inc.

"ASPs/Hosted Solutions are not a Business Model. This is a delivery mechanism and will become a viable alternative to software licensing as the infrastructure becomes more reliable and robust."
Chuck DeVita, President, Growth Process Group

"Technology providers will be forced to offer their corporate customers something similar to an automobile's 5 year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on their products. The first major technology company to offer this will be rewarded with a large gain in market share and will set the pace for all other companies to follow. Maintenance fees will be called "extended warranty" or "insurance" after the initial period."
Tony Scott, Chief Technology Officer, IS&S, General Motors Corporation

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